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We at eBitcoinics always want to present to our customers and subscribers world class services. It is due to this that we are always touted as the number 1 in Ghana, Nigeria and gradually overtaking the African continent.
We always have our customers on mind and our wishes are to present the world class services to them.
eBitcoinics is known for 4 reasons and this are the core values that governs our company.

We always strive to present the right education for the Blockchain community in Africa and also to be the point of call for all newbies in In Africa and beyond. For this reason a lot of work and efforts is placed on our educational platforms IE. Our eBitcoinicsTV platform. This place is one of the prioritized section when you visit our website.

The eBitcoinics team has upgraded its system to give you a wonderful experience when you visit.

Here are the newest features on our platform.

eBitcoinicsTV (tv.eBitcoinics.com) 

No need to visit YouTube to watch the our TV shows and presentations, just click on ebitcoinics.com and you will find our TV portal on the dashboard just click on it and you get all the information you need about tv.eBitcoinics.com, BITCOIN, blockchain and Cryptocurrencies as well. You get all you need as a newbie to become a pro.

eShop (shop.ebitcoinics.com)

eBitcoinics is also known to be the only shop in Ghana that deals in Cryptocurrency, you can buy anything from cars to houses and then to kitchen wares and your favorite Electronic gadgets, soon to launch a Kantanka shop on our platform. Where you get to purchase the made in Ghana quality goodies by the Kantanka company, you can also purchase lands and pay with cryptocurrencies. This is what the eBitcoinics is about to make your use of Cryptocurrency in Ghana, Nigeria and Africa a beautiful experience. 

But as Africa is gradually growing to the Cryptocurrency momentum it is good to add services which the populace are familiar with. The eBitcoinics company today launches a new service for the community. We have added Fiat Services to our customers, and now a customer can use our Portal and choose amongst 3 options pay with BANK TRANSFER, MOBILE MONEY and BITCOIN. 

The biggest news from us to our cherished customers.

Trading Masterclass

eBitcoinics is known for our success in the Cryptocurrency market where we always maximize profits both in the Bull and Bear seasons, with this we have opened our doors to the world and newbies who want to maximize profits in this industry. Where we train students from scratch to Pro and we have already begun chocking success stories, contact our offices to get access to this wonderful opportunity. (T&C applied)


When it comes to Cryptocurrency Mining, it is good to note that eBitcoinics has the Largest Cryptocurrency Mining group in Ghana and if you wish to be part of the mining team click on the link below we are ready to support you to make it big in the space. Mining.ebitcoinics.com

Our cryptocurrency exchange platform is working to provide more services and a variety of cryptocurrencies that are cropping up in the crypto sphere. Currently we are exchanging a number of coins ranging from BITCOIN, BITCOIN CASH, GCR COIN, ETHEREUM, LITECOIN, PAYPAL, SMARTCASH and PERFECT MONEY.

It is good to note that eBitcoinics also does drop-shipping services for clients in the Diaspora. We also deliver other services such as graphics design, HR services and business consultations, webs design, computer networking and installation services, online payment solutions, software solutions and business coaching.

Interested in any of our services contact us on: +233 322 001 662

We are live on Facebook, twitter, telegram  support tickets and live chat channels are always available to take care of your needs. Chat with us today and get involved in today’s life changing opportunities.

At eBitcoinics, Simplifying the Revolution is Our most important priority. It is to be noted that when it comes to Africa, Bitcoin means eBitcoinics, we simplify bitcoin and blockchain technology for everyone

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