GOP senator, in a departure from Trump, says Facebook plans for Libra coin should be given a chance

cnbc news   16 Jul, 2019  Views: 14

GOP Sen. Pat Toomey strayed from the Trump administration’s critical views on Facebook’s plan for the new Libra cryptocurrency, telling CNBC…

‘I like bitcoin,’ says House GOP leader McCarthy while bashing Facebook’s Libra coin

cnbc crypto   16 Jul, 2019  Views: 17

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told CNBC on Tuesday that he likes the decentralized nature and the security of bitcoin.“I like…

Here’s how to stop SIM fraudsters from draining your bank account

digital trend   16 Jul, 2019  Views: 26

If you haven’t experienced SIM swap fraud, count yourself lucky. It’s a relatively new, sophisticated form of fraud that allows…

Litecoin price loses momentum – Analysis - 16 July, 2019

Ebitcoinics Analytics   16 Jul, 2019   Views: 3

Litecoin price begins today’s trading with bearish bias to approach 84.60 level, motivated by the negative overlapping signal that appears…

Ethereum price presses on the support – Analysis 16 July, 2019

Ebitcoinics Analytics   16 Jul, 2019   Views: 5

Ethereum price returns to press on 222.90 level, supported by the negative signals that appear on stochastic now, waiting to…

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