1. How to Buy from us

1. LOGIN to Your eBitcoinics.com Account
2. After login in you can either Buy or Sell on our platform
3. Click on "exchanger"
4. Select the "BUY" option
5. Select your "country"
6. Select the eCurrency you wish to Buy
7. Select your preferred payment mode
8. Click on the "NEXT" button
9. Enter the details of the transaction; which includes;
a. Amount you need either In dollars or your local currency
b. Your Bitcoin Wallet Address
10. Click on "NEXT"
11. Read your order history & be sure you're submitting the right information
12. Click on "Add payments" found next to "Order Details"
13. Send payments for your other using your desired payment gateway
14. Add "Transactions details or ID" to help verify your deposits (Applied to Bank Payments, Mobile Money and others)
15. Confirm the amount deposited
16.Confirm date the deposit was made or sent
17. Click on Submit
18. Wait for order confirmation at your email or Click on my Orders, choose "BUY" and view details of all your Buy Orders
19. Once your order is successfully completed, you would once again receive an email to notify you !
20. Thanks once again for choosing eBitcoinics.com

(Click HERE to Watch a step-by-step instructional video on YouTube)