1. Can my account be Blocked? or Why is my account blocked?

If you are found doing fake transactions a number of times, your account will be permanently blocked. Make sure you do one transaction at a time.

2. What email address is recommended to Signup on your platform?

It is required of you to use any valid email account, for eg Gmail or Yahoo or Microsoft to register on our website. Please make sure your email is correct else you wont be able to receive any verification mail to activate your account.

3. Can I make money on your platform?

We think about you and your safety online, especially with getting started with any online related business, as we educate you, we also make it more easier for you to earn by sharing our products and services with others and earn commission for doing so. We do have variety of services from Buying, Selling, Shopping at our store, Bill payments and airtime purchases, media and news, coinswap and exchange services, by sharing your referral link with others, anytime they render a service of any kind, you get paid for that activity on the fees paid. We also do have a Trading-Master class course you can take to equip yourself with the required Crypto-Trading skills to be able to trade yourself and become your own boss at a FEE.

4. Do you have any Social Media pages i can follow or join?

Yes Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, YouTube, Instagram !

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5. Is your eShop a reliable place to shop online?

Yes, You can comfortably use our eShop to buy almost anything available, we would deliver it to you, we are working on expanding it to become one of the hottest market places across Africa where sellers meet buyers and simply pay with Bitcoin and local currencies. Currently we deliver all around Ghana, Nigeria and most parts of the world, feel free to shop.

6. How do I protect my account?

1 - Avoid following links not coming from us

2 - Change your account passwords frequently 

3 - Activate two factor authentication 

4 - Never share account information with others

7. SMS OTP and Email verification codes?

1 - For SMS OTP, always make sure you provide the correct phone number, and use numbers from allowed countries, our OTP facility is automated, you will get an alert on your phone immediately after submitting the correct phone details

2 - For email OTP, check your inbox, if you can not find it, kindly check your SPAM, and make all emails from us as not SPAM