The Future will not be "just" about Degrees But SKILLS SKILLS SKILLS - Ivor K. Greenstreet

Nartey Jokshan   12 Aug, 2019   Views: 165

The 12th day of August named as a day to celebrate the teaming youth on the planet.

The theme for this year's celebration is Transforming Education, these come at a time when the world is facing a learning crisis, and students need not only to learn but to learn how to learn.

In his message to the youth in Ghana, Mr. Ivor Kobina Greenstreet called on the youth and those in leadership for the need to choose skill development and re-skilling our already skilled youth, he said:

We need to come together to contribute and devise a Massive digital literacy Skills development program applicable to all disciplines to Re-Skill the “Youth” in Ghana.

I have been telling everyone including my children that the way technology is going the future won't be "just" about degrees which are great but - SKILLS SKILLS SKILLS!

We keep on being reminded of the speed with which the nature and type of jobs are changing - A survey I sighted recently said that Fifty-five percent of children starting JSS now will one day be doing jobs that don't exist today.

Let us unite and contribute to novel ideas that can provide a better future for Ghana.

In ensuring access to inclusive and equitable education, and promoting lifelong learning, as one of the goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and International Youth Day 2019, will present examples that show how education is changing to meet modern challenges.

In a ceremony to mark the day Secretary-General of the United Nations also reiterated the points and said;

The role of young people as champions of inclusive and accessible education is also being highlighted, as youth-led organizations are helping to transform education, through lobbying, advocacy, and partnerships with educational institutions.

“Education today should combine knowledge, life skills, and critical thinking”, said Mr. Guterres.


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