Google Unveils New Products for Africa

Tech News   12 Aug, 2019   Views: 170

Google has unveiled a series of new products and tools designed to help consumers in Africa, as well as pledge an additional US$4-million towards youth development.

The company had unveiled a Travel mode in Google maps to provide accurate navigation for motorcyclists, this is a new model is dedicated to Ghana, Nigeria, Benin Republic, Rwanda, Togo, and Uganda hoping to expand to the rest of the continent.
The new model also comes with voice navigation instruction in Nigerian Languages for both Motor and Automobile modes. 

“In the next few months, Google will introduce a new directions experience for Lagos that is optimized for informal transit, bringing Danfo routes into Google Maps,” according to a statement released by Google.

It added: “To help make it easier to visually explore places in Nigeria, Google is publishing more panoramic imagery on Street View. Starting with imagery of Lagos two years ago, today Google added Street View imagery of Abuja, Benin City, Enugu, and Ibadan – with almost 12 thousand kilometers of roads added.”

This also is a move for the company to help commuters in most densely populated cities and to navigate to easy access routes through traffic especially in Lagos and other traffic prone cities. 

Google Nigeria country director Juliet Ehimaun Chiazor said: “We hope that the products and updates we’re announcing today will make Google even more helpful for fuelling people’s hustles and getting things done. We remain committed to bringing the transformational power of technology to everyone in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.”

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