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The Blockchain African Ladies (BAL) a Not For Profit Blockchain/ training hub for Women, had announced it is partnering with Technological Association for Advanced Learning (TAAL).

TAAL is a French non-profit association dedicated to helping people understand new technologies, promote inclusion, and equity in the blockchain sector.

Blockchain African Ladies (BAL) is a non-profit blockchain educative forum that brings all African women together via blockchain education. Whose activities spread across Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Egypt and many others. Hosting Meet-ups, workshops, conferences, mentorship programmes, online articles & Telegram forum. These programs are open to all African women.

The Founder of the BAL said this Partnership will strongly Promote Innovation & Inclusion for Women especially through Blockchain education.

The Partnership means both organizations will be hosting free monthly workshops to help discover New Technologies like the Blockchain. Guide members of the African community especially women to access free educational resources which are of high quality to train and certify also to promote new technologies and diversity.

TAAL had been organizing a series of Seminars and Events in Europe & America, this partnership hopes to bring their expertise to the African Continent. TAAL also had been organizing free Certificate programs for participants and members of their Community. Likewise, the BAL team who had also been on the road with the BlockTech Women Conference Series.

The teams had called on well-meaning blockchain community to get involved today and support a project that is building a strong women community who will bring great innovations from the blockchain technology. Also, one can volunteer as it is a great way to learn new skills, meet new people and expand your horizons.

Any help is welcome, technical training support would be highly appreciated as we do this to help promote the technology in Africa - Doris Ojuederie

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