Shell seeks professionals to build blockchain solutions for oil and gas sector   15 Mar, 2019   Views: 84

Royal Dutch Shell, the fifth-largest multinational oil and gas company in the world, is trying to venture even further into the blockchain ecosystem and wants to train the new generation of executives of this technology.

In this regard, Shell is looking for "blockchain analysts" as part of its Information Technology (IT) graduates program, according to its job website .

The job offer, however, seems to have gone under the table in the last four months since being posted on LinkedIn. According to the job specification, the professional would work in Shell's Center of Excellence Blockchain (CoE).

Successful applicants will be able to explore the potential of new applications of decentralized technology through Shell's business areas, from its oil and gas core to new energies and electric vehicles.

They will be responsible for developing potential use cases to "devise through implementation".

Obviously, this includes finding new applications to not only use blockchain, but also other decentralized technologies. Subsequently, they will be responsible for the analysis and sale of these potential case uses to industry competitors.

In this way, Shell is looking for recent graduates with expertise in math, computer science, and even artificial intelligence.

It is important to note that Shell had already participated in a blockchain platform for oil businesses, thus replacing the traditional model based on physical documents. Consequently, it seems logical that the multinational is interested in getting young talent to develop more blockchain solutions.

Also, the fact that Shell is hiring young graduates to implement blockchain technology is not casual, if we take into account that other multinationals such as Deloitte, Accenture, Oracle, and KPMG have also shown interest in doing the same in recent months.

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