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NASA is beginning a phase of changes in which it will have to update many of its rules and policies. Among those modifications, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ordered the space administration to change its security system to the Automatic Dependent Surveillance System (ADS-B) by 2020. For The organization will seek to rely on blockchain technology.

And although it is an official mandate, Ronald Reisman - an engineer from NASA's Ames Research Center - published a document stating that the organization is behind schedule with implementation. This is mainly due to the fact that said surveillance plan "does not include the provisions to maintain the same privacy options for the vessels" .

This particularity has aroused the concern of the shareholders, who, according to Reisman, "want to maintain the current levels of privacy, anonymity, authentication and resistance for malicious interference, including attacks of impersonation and / or denial of service (DoS)" .

On board the space blockhain

In this sense, Reisman proposes in his document the implementation of blockchain technology to ensure such data. The data from NASA could be divided into two groups: data on civilian ships and data on military ships. Civilians prefer to keep a part of the data private, basically to track their employees against possible espionage actions.

Now, the data of military ships complicate the panorama a bit. When dealing with ships of the State, the information is obviously sensitive to third parties. Defined by the Department of Defense, this type of data is "information that, if disclosed, could reveal vulnerabilities in the critical infrastructure of the Department of Defense, and if it were exploited, could result in a significant interruption, destruction or damage of or for the operations, properties or facilities of the Department " .

A blockchain prototype

Given the magnitude of this situation, NASA believes that the best way to protect this sensitive information is on a chain of blocks. The prototype presented by Reisman is called Blockchain Aviation Infrastructure (ABI, for its acronym in English) and is based on Hyperledger Fabric and smart contracts, which allows to control the data that will be published publicly or privately with authorized entities.

Outline of the prototype ABI of NASA

It is not the first time that NASA has worked with blockchain technology. In 2018, the organization began to investigate more about the blockchain of Ethereum to automate the maneuvers of spacecraft, avoiding space junk. With this technology, the ships could "think for themselves" to detect and evade debris, preventing potential accidents.

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