Technical Director of Samsung NEXT believes that decentralization is more important than the blockchain   11 Jan, 2019   Views: 112

An executive of Samsung NEXT, South Korean company of innovative technology, has granted an interview to the computer magazine JAX this Thursday, January 10, in which he declares that decentralization has been a more important phenomenon than the blockchain.

Ricardo J. Méndez holds the position of Technical Director of Samsung NEXT, who during an interview with JAX, has defined decentralization as a phenomenon that has "to do with freedom, flexibility and choice". To this, he added that:

"Technically, it's about moving the activities away from a central controller and into a network of participants that interact on the basis of a shared protocol. By doing so, it shifts the balance of power towards the user, allowing them to choose between suppliers and allow a large number of approaches and perspectives to emerge. "

When asked about the future of blockchain technology, Méndez predicted its consolidation for next year, always apply changes to centralized structures.

Reference was also made to a comment made by a speaker at the  Blockchain Technology Conference in 2018, in which one speaker said that decentralization is more important than the blockchain. He was asked if he agreed, and replied:

"Definitely. Blockchain is just another tool, and one that can help in decentralized contexts, but a tool is always less important than the goal. "

Now, with regard to the relationship between decentralization and privacy, he mentioned cryptocurrencies mentioned that:

"It's just not a guarantee. You only need to see most of the cryptocurrencies, which are completely decentralized but are also 100% public; his pseudonym should only be broken once. "

These comments again place the South Korean giant Samsung in the group of technology companies that value the ideological aspects of blockchain technology more than their applications, which according to many do not go beyond supply chains, costs and paperwork.

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