Bills on digital economy will be a priority for the Russian Parliament   11 Jan, 2019   Views: 103

Vyacheslav Volodin, president of the lower house of the Russian parliament, announced that bills related to the digital economy will become a priority for his next session. The Russian Parliament issued the decision through a press release published on Wednesday, January 9.

Volodin spoke about the opening of the spring session, and highlighted among the key points that should be addressed by the parliamentarians of the state Duma those related to the digital economy. His words were:

"I would like to mention the block of bills on the digital economy. These are laws on digital financial assets, digital rights and collective financing. We have identified this work as one of our priorities. "

Similarly, he highlighted the need to create a friendly legal environment with the development of the same in Russia, and reported that parliamentarians will present in the near future more than 20 new bills.

"The creation of a favorable legal framework for the development of the digital economy should, in many aspects, provide us with an advantageous position in the competition between other countries."

The president of the State Duma also recommended the creation of working groups consisting of experts in the field, as well as researchers and businessmen. This in order to accelerate the creation of new regulations on digital economy.

Finally, we highlight the work of the Russian government in the task of defining regulation around digital assets since last year. On this, the final version of it was strongly criticized by market members, since this proposal did not present clear definitions of basic concepts in the medium, such as cryptocurrencies and mining. For this reason, the law was returned to the phase of first review.

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