New York will open blockchain center in Manhattan   11 Jan, 2019   Views: 98

The New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) announced it will open its first blockchain center, according to Bloomberg on January 10 .

NYCEDC announced that its center will open this Thursday and will be located in Manhattan. This is a joint achievement of the Future \ Perfect Ventures venture capital fund and the Global Blockchain Business Council, a commercial organization. The center will offer blockchain-oriented educational services to the general public, such as conference programming classes for software developers.

This center opens at a difficult time for the industry. After the prices of digital currencies dropped by 90 percent last year, many startups working in technology were forced to lay off staff or even shut down because the funds ran out. Some companies have also paralyzed testing and deployment of technology, which makes it easier for multiple parties to share data reliably.

Ana Arino, director of strategy at NYCEDC, told her that the organization seeks to keep New York at the forefront of future development. He also added that " [Blockchain is] an incipient technology, so it is likely that there is uncertainty about this evolution from one year to the next. While we do not know what the future holds, we want to make sure we have a seat at the table to give it shape . "

According to the statement, the city is contributing an "initial investment of only $ 100,000." Bloomberg reports that the organization will seek to raise additional funds through membership fees and corporate partners, which already include Microsoft Corp. and International Business Machines Corp. However, one of the executors of the project clarified that the center will be a "neutral point". ", And that no company undue influence on the new institution.

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