Africa must learn to build it's tech solution - eBitcoinics CEO Bemoan's as Bittrex seizes operations in most parts of Africa

ebitcoinics news   30 Oct, 2019  Views: 170

After bittrex came out with its plans to seize operations in certain countries across the globe many have said that…

Latin Americans Look to Ledn to Provide Bitcoin Backed Loans as Government Reduces Dollar Purchase rate from $10,000 to $200

ebitcoinics news   30 Oct, 2019  Views: 55

A Canadian crypto lending project Ledn is set to offer DAI Loans to its customers with Bitcoin as collateral. The…


eBitcoinics news   28 Oct, 2019  Views: 33

Nics IT and Business Solutions had taken the steps to provide its customers with the best experience online. Buy/Sell Digital…

Man discovers his abandoned Naira 14,000 turned Naira 3.2 million worth in Bitcoin - Thanks to Faith Titus

eBitcoinics News   28 Oct, 2019  Views: 188

Faith Titus is fast becoming a force to reckon with in the cryptocurrency ecosystem in Africa. The Nigerian crypto-goddess had…

If you care about the future of your children, buy Bitcoin - Samuel Joseph

eBitcoinics News   25 Oct, 2019  Views: 143

Bitcoin's growth in its decade of existence had been hit with so crashes and had resurrected with super surprises, this…

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