Knowing Luis von Ahn: the Guatemalan inventor of Captcha and DuoLingo

Biographies   11 Nov, 2019  Views: 31

Some minds are simply born to stand out. However, many times what happens in its first years of life becomes…

Technology is thriving, do not be on the sidelines - CEO of eBitcoinics

eBitcoinics News   09 Nov, 2019  Views: 65

Students of the University of Education Winneba's Campus in Kumasi was thrilled to a full day Fourth Industrial Revolution Seminar…

Stablecoins are the blockchain solution to lots of Africa's Financial Problems because........- Doris Ojuederie

eBitcoinics News   08 Nov, 2019  Views: 141

The call for Africa to look in adopting cryptocurrency is gaining grounds amongst the crypto-community. Industry player and a co-founder…


CT.COM   07 Nov, 2019   CT.COM  Views: 99

Back in the early days, when Bitcoin (BTC) was but a niche experiment for cypherpunks and basement-dwelling hobbyists, the process…

China mobile payment giants Alipay, WeChat open to international cards   07 Nov, 2019  Views: 68

China mobile payment giants Alipay and WeChat Pay have started allowing overseas users to link their accounts to international bank…

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