About Us

Simplifying The Revolution

We Simplify This Revolution - In Africa, Bitcoin and Blockchain mean eBitcoinics - We are the largest Bitcoin, CryptoCurrency & Blockchain platform in Africa - We simplify Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology for everyone.

We help you learn, Safely exchange all your Digital assets, Store, Send, Receive and Swap between your digital assets using our easy-made interfaces. Education is our first priority with the vision of having the Blockchain technology reaching every household in Ghana, Nigeria and beyond Africa.

Our eCurrency exchange platform offers you the most convenient and flexible means of Buying, Selling, Storing, Sending, Receiving & converting between cryptocurrencies, enjoy what we have for you & feel free to reach us anytime.

You are guaranteed with the best of Rates, fees, Customer Support, flexible terms, Security, Speed and more reliable service here with us.

We have packaged all you need here at eBitcoinics.com - We are not only here to serve you, but to also amaze you.

For any inquiries or wanting to reach us, kindly visit our ContactUS Page

How eBitcoinics.com Works?

Register on eBitcoinics.com

Sign up on the eBitcoinics platform by clicking on the signup button and simple create an account following few steps. The registration process takes less than a minute and boom you're done.

Verify Your Account - Basic Verification

Go to the inbox of the email used during registrations on eBitcoinics.com and click on the verification link to activate your account. You can now also verify your phone number and Boom you can proceed to using our services.

Buy, Sell, Store, Send, Receive and Swap all your Digital Tokens

You can now Buy, Sell, Store, Send, Receive and convert between listed Digital tokens on eBitcoinics.com by selecting and filling the required fields of service. It is easy, safe and more exciting to use eBitcoinics.com everyday.

Final Verification - KYC

Let us get to know you more, verify your account by passing through both our basic and advanced easy-made and sophisticated KYC (Know Your Customer) protocol to access unlimited services and same time complying with the eBitcoinics.com's regulatory obligations.

Safe, Secured & Reliable

eBitcoinics.com is built on the principles of credibility, trust and security so you can be rest assured that your services needed from us are in the safest, secured and a more reliable hands.

Customer Support Service

As a customer, you're very important to us and Our intention is not just to serve you, but to also amaze you. We provide for you on-demand services with our awesome support system and team just to help you with all your queries anytime & anywhere.

Best Rates, Low fees & Easy CoinSwap

We have packaged all you need at one place. eBitcoinics.com affords you the opportunity to Buy, Sell, Store, Send, Receive and Swap between all your digital assets listed on our platform. We guarantee you the bestest of rates, low wallet/coinswap fees & speed when it comes to delivery.